The “Bullying” Experience.

I’ve been bullied, cyberbullied, and teased throughout my childhood and teenage life. I’ve been called ugly, worthless, emo, loner, stupid, and so many names that are way worst than that. I’ve been bullied by boys and girls. My ex-girlfriend dated this bully in my school, 5 days after we broke up, and he always used to bully me. Every school I went to, no one liked me. I barely made friends. I usually sat by myself or with the emo kids. I used to date this guy (I’m bisexual) and almost the entire school made fun of me. I couldn’t stop crying. So I decided … to cut myself, over and over again. My other ex-girlfriend was the only one for me at that time until … she … died in a car accident. Then I had no one. My mom and dad were alcoholics and drug users. They barely cared. My other family members never cared about me. I was basically all alone. I couldn’t take it anymore so …. so … I decided to attempt suicide by hanging myself… that didn’t work. Then drown myself. That didn’t work either. Nothing worked. I didn’t want to love anymore. I just wanted to die. Then High School was worse. I dropped out because I was so stressed out, and still pretty bullied at that time. I’m going back to school but not now.

I have more friends than ever. My mom and dad are clean, and I’m glad that I’m not bullied anymore.